Rainy paddle

Good ’til the last drop

With plenty of help from a warm and snowless (kind of) winter, my thoughts are focused on the upcoming canoe season. It’s like yearning for a hot coffee while paddling a canoe on a rainy day. It just doesn’t subside until the last drop is savoured. We, a group of eight friends, were making our annual spring run down the Saugeen River from Walkerton. Our reliable weather forecast called for 60 percent showers, but the reality was more like 100 percent rain by the time we arrived in Paisley. Dan and I, being the only ones properly outfitted for rain, sought shelter and stayed with the loaded canoes while the others ran for the nearest coffee shop to warm up.¬† We pulled out here rather than continue our soggy trip to our destination a few kilometres down river. Photo information. This is a black and white HP5 negative scanned with an LS4000 scanner and finished in PS. It’s from the first roll of film that¬† I have developed in ten years and it’s loaded with dust specks and scratches. It took over two hours to bring it to this submission. When I started I told myself I wasn’t going to retouch it. This place is called Wrecked Film, but once I started I couldn’t stop. See how Spent Photographers fits. There’s still more retouching to do, but not today, I just want to paddle. Check out the original image below to see the comparison.

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